Customer Satisfaction Surveys Begin Now

As we enter 2021, customer service is a top priority for us at Groundcare Landscape. Our business has continued to grow slowly and we expect (hope) it will grow a fair amount more this year. For this reason, we are working hard toward establishing customer satisfaction surveys. We would like them to be part of our workflow; they will be instrumental in helping us find problems and develop our team.

We are incorporating surveys to maintenance services first. Survey requests will go out to all of our maintenance customers starting this week, the third week of January.

How will surveys work?

Customer Survey for Landscape Services
Star Rated Customer Surveys

Maintenance customers will receive a survey request at the end of the business day following a service visit. These surveys are designed to be simple and fast to complete. They will ask for a satisfaction grade from 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the best. If the satisfaction grade is 3 stars or lower, we will ask for additional feedback in order to improve future service.

Survey requests will be sent via email. This tool is smart enough to send you a follow-up reminder if the survey is not filled out. There will only be two scheduled reminders sent through email or text. If they go unanswered, we figure this is not a good time to request feedback and hope to reach you during the next round of surveys. We expect to send out service surveys once every 90 days.

A Kind Request… Be Honest

Through beta-testing we have deduced that some customers are shy about sharing feedback if they don’t have a good review to share. We learned this through follow-up calls. I would like to encourage you to give us any and all feedback you can. Rest assured, our team knows that both positive and constructive feedback are part of the process for getting better.

Thank you for your participation and Happy New Year!

About the Author:

Alex Salazar

Alex is the Business Development Manager at Groundcare.



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