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Drought is Inevitable

As we enter this second month of winter, it is becoming more evident that this season will be warmer and drier than past years. Because of this, another drought isn’t out of the question. In fact, recent studies indicate that there is a 90% chance that California will likely enter a drought again this year. According to Lowell Scott – professor of Earth Sciences at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences – this year’s La Niña is “likely to affect the Sierra Nevada snowpack and the timing of the spring runoff.” Learn more here.

Between warmer weather conditions and the recent wildfires around California, we should all be ready to make changes in our landscapes. Restrictions regarding water consumption are likely to return in the future too. With that in mind, let’s start preparing our landscapes now and managing our gardens’ sustainability.

Preparing for the Impending Drought

  1. When planting or replacing plants, choose drought-tolerant varieties that will require less water.
  2. If possible, cut back on installing lawn areas or grasses that require constant watering.
  3. If you have lawn, keep your mower blade settings high. Allowing the grass to grow to 2-2 ½” will help keep the ground moisture in your lawn.
  4. Fertilize at the appropriate times and don’t forget test your soils pH levels.
  5. Cover planters in a thick layer of mulch to retain moisture and add nutrients.
  6. If you have the space, consider water retention solutions like swales, ponds, or rain gardens.
  7. Tune-up your irrigation system, consider low-flow emitters, and install a smart controller. 

Before your garden begins to dry up or you are forced to overspend on your water bill, invest in your landscape for the long run. With current warmer and drier conditions, it is only a matter of time before Southern California declares a drought again. 

For help in preparing your landscape for the impending drought, contact us.

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