Groundcare’s Landscape Pest Control Management

What is a Pest

According to the Department of Health, a pest is any animal or plant that has a harmful affect on humans, their food, or their living conditions. Weeds, undesirable insects, and plant diseases are all considered pests.

Pest Management Strategy

Warmer winters and early springs have created a lot of unusual pest management problems in landscapes all around central and southern California. Pests and diseases have become active earlier and in larger numbers than usual. Some pests are even affecting plants that they typically do not bother.

Whichever the case, we at Groundcare Landscape work to attack the problem in three steps:

1. Identify the issue/pest,

2. Select the best product for control,

3. Find solutions to prevent the same problem in the future.

Identifying a Pest

Sometimes just looking at a plant is not enough to detect pests or disease. Other times it is the only way to see that there is a problem to begin with. Detecting pests is somewhat tricky when not visible to the eyes. Some pests could be underground, beneath stones, and on plants without the garden or landscape owner having a clue. If relying just on visual inspection of the plant itself, you might be too late to save it from pests or diseases. We at Groundcare Landscape specialize in pest management and are familiar with all kinds of menacing pests and diseases.

Pest Control Treatment

Once we have identified the pest or disease, we must find the right product to treat it. When treating it, we also must apply the product safely. Safety is key not only to the plants, but also to the person applying the treatment. The applicator must wear personal protective gear and make sure that the weather permits for the pesticide or herbicide application. Spraying the wrong pesticide or herbicides can damage the plants, lawns, and even the soil. It is essential to know what pesticide or herbicide to use in a landscape. We at Groundcare Landscape train and educate our technicians on safe and proper application techniques.

Pest Prevention

There are a couple steps that need to be taken for pest and disease prevention to be effective. One step is fertilization. Fertilizing plants at the beginning of a season is very important so that the plants are healthier and stronger. Some pests like to attack weaker plants and new growing plants. Fertilizing them frequently helps prevent pest-related issues. Another step is watering. Watering plants and lawns correctly are very important. Too much water can cause fungus and other diseases while not enough water can cause distress. 

Groundcare Landscape’s expert technicians can help treat pests in your landscape while developing an integrated approach to deter future problems. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

Groundcare Landscape rep treating an infested citrus tree.
About the Author:

Omar Salazar, CLT

Omar is a CLCA Certified Landscape Technician and Account Manager at Groundcare.



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