National Hiking Day, November 17th

At Groundcare we believe that self-care is extremely important. The current times we live in may bring a lot of worry, stress, and anxiety. To help relieve the stress, I think going outside and enjoying the fresh air could really do us all some good. So, in celebration of National Hiking Day, I challenge you to get up and go to your local trail.


Hiking Options

My personal favorite is Big Tujunga Creek. They have several different trails. The first time my family and I went was this past summer. We did the Stone Canyon Trailhead. I don’t consider myself to be athletic and my girls are still young. We found the trail to be quite easy, considering we are total newbies. My mom even wanted to join in on the fun so we went back and did a trail near Stoneyvale Picnic Site. I need to say, watching my mom be active, and trying to keep up with my daughter was priceless. I got to see all her adult worries just melt right off of her. She even channeled her inner mermaid and took a dip in the creek. It was so cute watching her act like a kid and just having fun!

Our Takeaway

I loved both trails, but I think I enjoyed the Stone Canyon Trailhead most because there were so many fun little stops along our hike up to the creek. My daughters got to stack rocks, making them feel like they were reenacting the scene from Moana. They climbed trees and some large boulder rocks. When we got to the creek, we skipped rocks on the water and failed miserably. Regardless, we had a total blast and made wonderful memories. I turned into a paparazzi momma and captured every moment! I can’t wait until the day I build my endurance to hike up to the waterfall and make more beautiful memories.

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