Outdoor Living in Winter

With the pandemic and corresponding restrictions, people are spending more and more time in their front and back yards to avoid going out. This is the time of year when being outside starts to feel colder so let’s get ready for the change in temperature by creating a more warm and comfortable outdoor living space.

Imagine your outdoor space as an extension of your indoors and recreate or add those same elements that provide warmth and comfort indoors. You may already have things like furniture and some accessories. Now you just need to add other elements to enhance it and make it cozy.

One of the most important elements is heating; it should be a top priority. There is a wide selection of patio and area heaters that you can add. Take into consideration the space you have and what type of heat source you would like. Options can range from a patio propane heater, a propane or wood fire pit and, if the space allows, a propane or wood chimney. All of these options can add style (and heat) to your existing space. Stay safe and be sure to follow precautions when dealing with outdoor heating.

Outdoor lighting is also an important element for enhancing an outdoor space. In working to create a cozy environment, make sure you choose soft lighting and avoid bright spotlights. Also, you can never go wrong with landscape path lights and some hanging bistro or string lights to add to the comfortable ambience.

Wind can sometimes be an issue when you are trying to relax, especially when trying to read or if you have things laying around. A barrier to stop or minimize the wind can be created with something as simple as a tall row of shrubs or plants. This barrier can also help keep out any ambient noise, like a busy street. If you have a pergola, consider adding fabric curtains to give it a more indoor feeling. 

Last, but not least, make sure you have comfortable furniture. Your seating furniture should have cushions that are thick and lush. Don’t be afraid to add outdoor blankets and throws for those especially cold nights. 

These are some simple things to implement into your outdoor living space to help make it warm and comfortable. If you’d like help enhancing your outdoor space, be sure to contact us.

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