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I am happy to write a little about our company to be featured on Valleyscape, the go-to monthly news magazine for landscape contractors in the San Fernando Valley. You can find their latest publications here:


We have been a CLCA member for last 3 years. Over this time we have benefited from getting connected to other professionals, having work referred to us, and of course, flaunting our membership to prospective clients. If membership is an investment, I'd say we’ve gotten our return and more.

This year we decided to become more active with our local San Fernando Valley Chapter. During the February board meeting somehow we began talking about how nobody grows up wanting to be a landscaper. Looking back at it, I think that’s mostly true.

It might have been 2nd grade when I drew a stick figure of a guy holding tools and a lawnmower next to him. The assignment was to draw what you wanted to be when you grew up. I remember when I got home my father wasn't thrilled to see the drawing. He encouraged me to aspire for more, like being a doctor. For the rest of elementary and junior high, it was my go-to answer when my teachers would ask the same question.

As a young adult, I tried my hand at different things. First, I received my real estate license and became a loan officer for a few years. It was a rocket ride! That is until the burners gave out in '07. Next, I went into retail banking. I wore a suit and tie for a few more years. It was fun for a while, but I wasn't fulfilled. I needed something else. I decided to quit and join my brothers. Like me, they also tried leaving landscapes at one point, but they all came back. It turned out even without planning it, landscaping had become our calling. We made a commitment to each other to take our father's business to a new level and build a formidable landscaping operation.

It took us many years to roll out The Salazar Landscape Company. One of the biggest challenges we faced is none of us had ever worked for another successful landscape company. We never learned how the gears turned inside a formal operation. That’s where I feel we benefitted the most from the CLCA. It was through them that we got connected to industry professionals and where we learned about educational programs.

Today, as our company continues to improve, we are excited for future prospects. Every step of the way we know we can count on the network inside the San Fernando Valley Chapter. When we get stuck and have questions or when we need a partner, I know the CLCA will be part of the solution.

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Alex Salazar

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