Impacts of Covid-19 At A Glance

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a health and economic challenge for the country and our industry. Governor Newsom’s “Stay in Place” executive order, left many to question what to do with their businesses, jobs, and families.

Only the jobs and industries that are essential and have critical workers may work during this statewide order.

Landscapers are deemed essential in parts of California and Los Angeles County. We are still doing our part to limit the spread.


Why is Landscaping an Essential Service?

Service of Essential Businesses:
 landscape companies have developed the most efficient methods of caring for outdoor spaces. Property owners or onsite staff need not go out and purchase (or service) landscape equipment, or gather other materials to perform maintenance. Providing these services to essential businesses including healthcare operators, grocery stores, schools, commercial facilities, residences, and open spaces aids in safety to the public.

Protection of Public Health: landscape companies that are licensed to control landscape pests can help mitigate rodents, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. Treatments to outdoor space reduces the transmission of dangerous and deadly pests and diseases.

Protection of Public Safety: outdoor areas that are not regularly serviced increase the rate and chance of injuries from hazards. Safety maintenance of landscape areas and materials reduces the risk of falling trees or branches, obstructed roadways and walkways, or slip and falls from faulty irrigation.

Protection from Dangerous Conditions: landscape companies service storm water systems, irrigation breaks/repairs, and fire hazards.

What We Are Doing

The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA), of which Groundcare is a sustaining member, has provided us with a “Compliance to Work” letter, showing we have been deemed an essential service by state and local governments. Our crews carry a copy of these documents with them.

We have been hard at work to training our employees with new hygiene and service procedures. 

We are doing everything we can to assist our customers most affected by this crisis, especially those in the hospitality, food and retail industries.

Here are other policies that our crews have to follow:

In Public

  • Limit the use of a leaf-blower. No leaf-blowing near entryways.
  • Wear Proper Protective Equipment while out on the field, including masks.
  • Social Distancing from other employees and customers.
  • Refer any in-person questions to the office.

Behind the scenes

  • Each team member reports via mobile app daily health check before clock-in.
  • Team members temperatures are taken in the morning.
  • Disinfect work trucks and cell phones each morning.
  • Wash hands periodically and use of hand sanitizer.

If A Team Member Has Symptoms

Team members are required to report if they are experiencing any of the common COVID-19 symptoms each morning before clocking in to work.

If a team member experienced fleeting symptoms they are required to return to work with a doctors note. Other wise:

Team members with active symptoms are required to self isolate per the CDC quarantine guidelines.

Team members with a positive Covid-19 result are required to self isolate per CDC guidelines. 

Team members will be allowed to return to work only after isolation period expires and a negative Covid test result is obtained. Groundcare will follow the CDC's community related exposure guidelines. Please click on the link below to learn more about CDC guidelines.

CDC Business Interim Guide


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We take our employee and customer safety seriously. We believe COVID-19 is a real threat to public health and the economy. We hope all the best for you during this tumultuous time.


-The Groundcare Team



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